Pardes (1997) Full Movie Download Free HD Online

Pardes (1997) Full Movie Download Free HD Online

Kishorilal lives in US and not still forget his mother land India. He wants that his daughter-in-law should be form India. His American citizen son, named Rajiv. Friend of Kishorialal  gives marriage proposal for his daughter Ganga with Rajiv. Both is agree. Kishorilal sends Arjun, his adopted son, to be sure about Ganga should accept Rajiv or not. Rajiv meets her too and day by day the both family starts to like each other. Engagement in India and the wedding held is in America. Ganga leaves her country for US with new family. She starts living with her new family and society. Everything was fine but gradually she begins to understand that Rajiv isn’t the same guy as Arjun described her. Because Ganaga see that Rajiv drinks, smokes. She shocked really as she knows that her husband is still now dreams of his former lover.
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Director & Writer: Subhash Ghai
Stars: Shah Rukh Khan, Amrish Puri and Mahima Chaudhry
Country: India, Speech: Hindi, Released: December 8, 1997 (In.)
Locations of Shooting: Alex Fraser Bridge, Delta, British Columbia and Canada


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