Hero (2002) Full Movie Download Free Online

Hero (2002) Full Movie Download Free Online

Hero (2002) Director is Paul Whittington, Writer is Paul Whittington and also Stars are Christopher Purdy, Paul Fox and Crissy Rock. Long time ago in China as of the period Warring States, a nameless small jurisdiction comes at Qin state’s capital to talk with the king of Qin. He is survived his life in attempt by the assassins Sky, Broken Sword along with Flying Snow.No visitors will face him in 100 paces. ‘Nameless’ that claims he slain the 3 assassins and he displays their powers to the king, he allows Nameless to sit closer to him and tell him his own history. Nameless recounts killing Long Sky at a weiqi parlor; later to meet flying Snow and Broken sword at calligraphy school in Zhao state, where he set them against each other up to Snow killed Sword and was she was slain by Nameless. When the tale concludes, the king expresses disbelief and accuses Nameless of staging the duels with the assassins, who surrendered their lives to allow him to get the trust of King and takes his life.
Hero (2002) Full Movie Download Free Online

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Origin: UK
Speech: English

Movie Trailers Of Hero (2002)


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