Full Free HD! Download Special Chabbis Movie Online

Full Free HD! Download Special Chabbis Movie Online
Special Chabbis Movie Synopsis and Review:
This is aboout a big reknowned looting on the March 19 on the year of 1987. Here 26 (in Hindi chabbis) men pretended as they are officials of collecting income tax. They robbed the most popular jewellery shops, which is located in Mumbai’s Opera House. Flew away with about millions rupee jewels. Simply the fact  was much shocking to jewellers of Zaveri Bazaar. 
The sources expressed that, Neeraj had waited for a long for Akshay for this film. Thats about more over 3  yrs. On a lucky Wednesday, he make Akshay Kumar to be agree to act for this movie as well. Akshay is in the lead role of those 26 (chabbis) persons, as army here in this movie. And eventually to make it compatible Akshay is called here as- Mr. Ajay Singh. In English that means the ‘ lion to be unconquered. So you are welcome to Special Chabbis movie free download.

Special Chabbis Free Movie Online Link is Here

Special Chabbis Movie Free Download
As a CBI officer Manoj Bajpai  played here as like real. Beside this Anupam Kher has been played in another lead role. And the interesting fact more over than this is, here in this film Kajal Aggarwal is only one female actor. She presented her specially performance of Mon Singh’s interest of love. Free download Special Chabbis full movie online HDRip video. 
In the begining of this movie making Ajay and Abhishek has been planned to opt in here for lear role as well, but next the decision changed and that went over Akshay, because Pandey choose him from the begining Kajal, the only female role is presented here as a school teacher. Special Chabbis indian full movie free download.
The shooting begin from the earlier February 23 of 2012 in Delhi. 1st shoting schedule was in Chandni Chowk, and later on the location changed to Jama Masjid. As Akshay along with Kajal started shooting on 1st March in Delhi, Anupam and Jimmy also started their shooting along with Neeraj on Thursday. Special Chabbis full movie online HD.
Special Chabbis Full Movie Online HD
Special Chabbis movies first official theatrical trailer is released on internet on 20 December of 2012. And finally the movie is going to release on 8th February, 2013.
The Special 26 (Special Chabbis) movie director Neeraj Pandey and stars Akshay KumarKajal AggarwalJimmy ShergillAnupam Kher and Manoj Bajpai. Divya also fully gave her devotion and concentration as well to made this movie popular to the audience.. Special Chabbis origin is India. in Hindi and English version. So free download Special Chabbis movie jonline HD DVDRip quality.
Download Special Chabbis Movie Online
I would like to specially tell you to free download Special Chabbis full movie online. According to me Special Chabbis will be the nice movie according to my choice. Everyman can enjoy the film Special Chabbis along with their beloved family, and so Special 26 watch online full free. 
Watch Special Chabbis Full Movie Free
Now specially In India, Bollywood movie world is filled up with some extra tallented actor and actresses. Among them Akshay need nothing special extra tallents as himself is full of it. He knows how to react peoples mind and so his all movie goes super hit blockbuster fpr all the time so far.  Both mentally and physically he is perfect for any kind of movie such as Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Crime, Thriller and so on…. So I also a fan of Akshay myself  and loves or like his. No jealousy feel as well as no rudeness works in him. 
Akshay and Kajal are feeling now like Jodi film  they could work as the super pair (a royal jodi).
This is also his extra quality. Hollywood movie is now live with his enterance. So watch Special Chabbis full movie free and watch Special Chabbis full movie online free 
Special Chabbis Full Movie Fee Download
Akshay also feel free with acting along with Kajal, as she come onboard. After his tremendous  success on Hindi movie jodi along with Priyanka and Katrina, He (Akshay) is now fully geared upto work with another queen blonde to be keep him step on the big screen. The movie producers were also interested to bring the girl of Singham in Special Chabbis against Akshay. Special Chabbis Indian full movie free download.


Special Chabbis Full Movie Fee Download HDFor some while Kajal remained vanished to give her speech on a source related to this film, the souce told once: “Not only Ajay but also many actors, she made the Hindi Singham, was agreed and eagerly agreed to wotk with her to do any next movies. But Kajals wish is totally different and adventurous as well. As she watched Neeraj Pandey’s A Wednesday, she obviously loved it. The more interesting fact is that she knew very well that she likes to work with Akshay Kumar, but  more than he likes to work with her.  Download Special Chabbis Movie Online


At A Glance Special Chabbis Hindi Movie:

Director: Neeraj Pandey
Origin: India
Speech: Hindi
Date of Release: 8th February, 2013.
Is Known As: Special 26
Shooting Place: Delhi

Special Chabbis Movie Trailer

Special Chabbis Hindi Song

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