Wonder Woman 2017 Review

While it doesn’t shy away from tropes as much as I would have liked, Wonder Woman hits plenty more than it misses, especially with its production and costume design, satisfying pacing, and fantastic characters and cast chemistry, most notably between Godot and Pine. Honestly, when it comes to portraying Wonder Woman, it’s hard to call Godot’s performance anything less than pitch perfect. Wonder Woman movie download HD version not yet available but Cam print is available right now.
wonder woman (2)
I got to see this at an early screening and I am extremely happy to announce that I love the movie! Gal Gadot was the perfect cast for Wonder Woman! The action sequences are amazing. A great script and no editing problems (like in Suicide Squad). This is a very well made film. Patty Jenkins did a fantastic job. Chris Pine and Robin Wright are also really good. Wonder Woman is inspiring and people will look up to her for decades because of this film. The only flaw I have with this movie is the villain, felt very much just like a generic throw away Marvel villain. Wonder Woman full movie download through the internet is now possible.
One of the best origins movie I have seen. Well acted with a good plot and character development. All while keeping the action moving with a good balance of action and story. I was very worried WB would cut corners and mess up one of the iconic D.C. Characters. I was very happy to say they nailed this one. My wife who normally hates these type of movies really enjoyed it. Fingers crossed they do as good a job on JLA.
Gal Gadot is the Perfect choice for Wonder Woman. She enjoys everything about the character also looks so much like the new 52 Comic version. And so she made me forget That old TV show that is a way too outdated even exist. This movie is just what the DCEU needed to revive the life back into their movie universe. It was just Great from start to finish had to watch it 2 times it’s just that good. a must go out and see MOVIE even if it’s a girl in the lead role it has something for everyone. Great job DCEU keeps it up. I so can’t wait for Justice League this Nov 2017.
They finally got it right at DC. They needed to simplify and entertain and this film did exactly that. The theater I was in gave this film a standing ovation. It’s definitely worth going to the theaters to see. With Justice League coming around in November Wonder Women needed to be as strong as her bracelets, and with Gal Gadot’s amazing performance the DCEU is finally headed in the right direction. Download Wonder Woman full movie from a secure website.
I really enjoyed this movie, largely in part for it’s well paced and thoughtful story plot that did not choose to rely solely on the typical slobber fest of a superhero storyline. Favorite parts of the film were that the story backdrop was set in 1918 world war 1, which I felt made the story appeal that more interesting. I was also highly impressed by how the film was daring enough to focus heavily on the origin story exposition of Diana and did not just rush through that storyline. Diana’s idealistic outrage at the loss of innocence was typical formula In the sense of scolding mankind for the world’s problems. It was not a perfect film but in my opinion, it is the best DC film. Some of the complaints were that I would have loved to have seen more of Steve’s secretary “Etta Candy” involved with the comic relief. I also did not buy into the Indian “chief” character in the heart of Europe. I felt that was a little forced upon the audience for possible political correctness reasons but otherwise great movie.

Really. The fierce grace and insanely physical fighting style of the Amazon inspired terror and awe. It’s some of the fiercest and physically demanding sightings I’ve ever seen on film, and I’m a fan of kung fu movies.

Director Patty Jenkins handled the film very, very well. The music and visuals aligned very well with the amazing cinematography, the costuming made sense, while still giving a nice wink the wish-fulfillment of the superhero ethic.

Wonderful Wonder Woman. At last, a DC film Marvel would have been proud to have made. Explosive action, wit, charm, and a female lead that does an outstanding job. Hands down the best DC film and the best female superhero film made… period.

The movie did its best to stay away from Captain America but failed miserably. Instead of WW2, they did WW1. Yet the plot was still the same. Capitan America just executed it better and did it first.

The antagonist was bland. And of course, he was overpowered until the end of the fight where for no reason Wonderwoman easily won. To make matters worse. The movie was all feminist empowerment. But to the point where it encourages women to think they are better than men.


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